Organize games for special dates

Phases in the creation of an event


Choice of topic, modality and date

Selection of the topic of the game (space, hacking, sustainability, etc.) and the modality (competitive or individual). Creation of calendar the event


Formation of teams and call for proposals

Formation of teams (if individual play is not desired) and mailing of the invitation to all participants with all the details.


Online event celebration

Welcome to the event for all players, presentation of the Game Master (if hired). Start of games and monitoring.


Final evaluation and statistics

End of the event, presentation of the game statistics (individual or team scores) and final evaluation of the entire activity.

Do you have any doubt? These are the most common

Organization and deadlines, number of participants, themes, technical requirements...
I am interested, where do I start?
Write or call us and we will organize everything. Easy and convenient. If you like any of our catalog games, we organize everything (the day of the event, the teams and participants without limits, plus the monitoring of everything in real time). If you want a completely new game, we can customize it specifically for you. Imagine, we will make it happen.
Are online escape games suitable for events and celebrations?
Of course, they offer a wide range of possibilities to have a good time, live a new experience and enjoy in the company of friends, family or co-workers, all with the added convenience of this type of event.
What is an escape room and what is an online escape room?
An escape room is a game where adopting a role, you have to get out of a room or solve a secret by solving riddles and puzzles. You have a certain time and you must face an incident, crime, spell or mystery.
An online escape room has the same essence but all through a screen, where you will go through different rooms and you will find a multitude of artifacts (objects, videos, sounds) where technology will work its magic. In an online escape room you can play from a computer or tablet from anywhere in the world and be connected with your team in real time.
What themes are available for these games and can they be customised?
We have different games for every need. In the catalogue you can see a multitude of themes (environment, mystery, fantasy, etc.). But if you want a specific theme that you miss, write to us and we can make any challenge you propose come true.
How much time is needed to properly prepare an event?
Depending on whether it is a catalogue game, you want to customise a game or you want us to create an online escape room game from scratch. A project can take from one week to several months.
What do you need to be able to participate in an online escape event?
A computer or tablet, internet, pen and paper. Oh, and a lot of desire to have fun and enjoy yourself without limits for a few minutes that you won't forget!
Are these online escape rooms too difficult?
Of course not! Anyone can solve our escape games, although it is true that not all of them have the same difficulty. Besides, there are many parameters for you to choose everything: the difficulty, the time, if you want clues, even the solution or none at all.
Can more than one person participate in the game?
Of course, our games allow several people to participate at the same time (we recommend 3 or 4 participants per game), each of them from their home or office with their own computer or tablet. This is achieved by entering the same password provided to the participants. Our Artificial Intelligence system ensures that everything is updated simultaneously in real time. On the agreed day and time they only have to enter the password (using WhatsApp, phone, e-mail, etc.) and as soon as the first player starts playing, the countdown will start for everyone on the same team.