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What do I need to play an Escape Room online from
Just four things: a device (computer or tablet) with an internet browser (such as the one you're using right now), an Internet connection, imagination, and a bit of time to have fun.
Can I play from my mobile, tablet, laptop, TV, console, etc.?
We recommend playing from a computer or tablet, you will have a better gaming experience with these.
Does my computer need to be very powerful and have multiple accessories?
No, far from it. A ordinary computer is more than enough to play to any of our games.
What happens if I lose my Internet connection or my computer crashes?
It's okay, to start the game you need an password that we provide at the beginning, and that you will also have in your e-mail. As soon as you enter it in a browser (in same or on another device) you can continue right where you left off. if others participants have solved puzzles or opened new areas, you will see them already available on your session. Of course, time will have continued to run in your absence.
Are these games completely safe?
Yes, they are completely safe. As cybersecurity experts, it is our priority. If run through a web browser, they use a security SSL certificate to encrypt the traffic between that browser and our servers. There is nothing to install. Payments will managed through the banking gateway of Banco de Santander or Paypal.
I have no idea what an Escape Room is. What is
You are going to take on a role (whether it be an investigator, wizard, policeman, thief, Egyptologist, etc) that he has to face an incident/crime/enigma/spell/mystery and that he has of a series of clues that will allow you to achieve success. The adventure begins in a zone (a submarine, an elevator, the train station, a dungeon, etc.) in which you can find different artifacts (maps, keys, photos, texts, etc.) that will help you unlock puzzles (safes, doors, locks, etc.). As you solve the puzzles you will go to new areas until you get the proposed objective. If at any time you get blocked, our Artificial Intelligence system it will give you clues to help you. Win and imagination is the only thing you need.
I know how an escape room works, is the same?
The essence is the same, but everything will be through a screen. You will have to go through different rooms, solve puzzles, find artifacts, all with the help of technology. The essential is keeps, you have a limited time to solve a puzzle, escape a room or discover a secret, you can also ask the Game Master for clues (which in our case is a Artificial Intelligence) and share the experience in real time with other people anywhere in the world.
Can more than one person participate in the game?
Of course, our games allow multiple people to play at once (we recommend 4 or 5 participants per game) , each one from her home or office with her own computer or tablet. This is achieved with a key that is provided to the participants and these can distribute to their friends, family, etc. Our Artificial Intelligence system ensures that everyone has their session updated with the latest clues, puzzles and artifacts. They just have to agree on the exact moment they have to put the key (using WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, phone, email, etc.) since as soon as the first player starts playing, the countdown will start for everyone.
I am interested in a game How many players have to buy it?
The prices indicated are prices per game. That is, it will only be paid the price of the game once, regardless of the number of people playing at the same time (1, 3, 5 or more people).
How do I purchase one or more sets?
It's very simple, to buy your key access the catalog, choose the game/s you want, the amount, enter your email, choose the payment method you prefer and if you have a code promotional write it down too.
Are these on-line Escape Rooms too difficult?
Of course not! Anyone can solve our escape games, although it is true Not everyone has the same difficulty. Some are designed for children, others for teenagers and the rest for adults. The children's games are all basic level, but games geared towards teens and adults are categorized into various levels of difficulty.
How does the time control work in the game in
Very easy, when you start the game a countdown will appear at the top on the screen until the full game time elapses. But don't worry, yeah You have not been able to solve the tests in the allotted time you can keep trying from the moment the first player starts the game for 48 hours.
What happens if I fail to finish the game on time?
Don't worry, we won't tell anyone. Remember that you can keep trying until 48 hours have elapsed from the start of the game. No game is impossible to solve, help yourself with the clues and you will be able to finish it, even if it's out of time.
How does the theme of the clues to overcome the puzzles work?
It is very simple, you will see three buttons (a check to enter the code, a light bulb to ask for a clue and an "X" to close) next to each puzzle (combinations of padlocks, keypads, touch unlock patterns, etc.). If you click on the button of the bulb the Artificial Intelligence System can give you up to four clues (per puzzle) to help you solve it. Hints will be shown to all players simultaneously and they can be consulted again as long as the puzzle to which they belong has not been solved.
Is it possible to play all together without video call?
Of course! You can all play in the same place (each one with his own device or all of you from the same one) or you can play each one in a different place and communicate same device) or you can play each one in a different place and communicate by video call or any other means you want (Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, etc.).
Do you offer additional services related to the games?
We love to collaborate with companies, NGOs and public and private institutions to develop customized Escape Rooms, organize events or customize any of our Escape Rooms. develop customized Escape Rooms, organize events or customize any of our catalog games. catalog games.

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